Seamless integration

Assisted Sell & Pay is designed to integrate with your existing EPOS, ecommerce and order management systems. Its innovative modular structure makes it is extremely flexible and customisable, ensuring each implementation is 100% aligned to your specific requirements.


Crucially for many retailers, Assisted Sell & Pay also places an emphasis on the rapid implementation of innovative new customer-present payment systems – such as fully-integrated, PCI-compliant mobile Chip & PIN point of sale solutions, able to complete sales wherever the touchscreen is being used and then properly record those sales as in-store purchases.


As well as the Assisted Sell & Pay app, REPL has also pioneered the latest generation of Mobile Chip & PIN solutions. These typically connect mobile POS (mPOS) PIN pad devices via a wireless Bluetooth connection to iOS and / or Android smartphones and tablets, enhancing security, addressing compliance issues, and transforming the customer experience.