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gloodoo™ is the revolutionary mobile enterprise toolkit from REPL Group that is transforming the way leading retailers empower their employees.

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Compatible with Android and iOS, and fully customisable to fit your brand, gloodoo™ is the ideal engagement platform for a new generation of BYOD strategies.

Meeting the challenge

gloodoo™ will help you to meet the needs and expectations of your workforce, both today and in the years ahead, by enabling smarter working.


With many companies already having an unmanageable – and growing – number of apps and communication channels in use, gloodoo™ can help you merge them into a single platform which reaches directly to each and every employee.


Transform your internal communications and engagement with gloodoo™’s enterprise-class social networking, messaging and sharing features.


Help your managers and supervisors get back on to the shop floor with gloodoo™’s mobile task management, reporting and time & attendance functions.


Put powerful planning tools at everyone’s fingertips with scheduling, time-off management and shift bidding / swapping direct to their own devices.

Making the difference

Driving behaviours and engagement with gamification and social features throughout, this is an app that will deliver both hard and soft benefits to your business

Hard Benefits

Alongside the powerful productivity advantages of the BYOD strategies supported by gloodoo™, the comprehensive feature set can deliver measurable improvement in sales conversion, customer service, compliance and management information.

Soft Benefits

gloodoo™ taps into the way today’s workforce wants to work, transforming brand engagement, collaboration, motivation and retention.