A more mobile workforce

The retailer needed a bespoke user experience including some non-standard functionality like filtering, till allocation and a break report. While happy with the output of the JDA WFM tool, they struggled to achieve the required levels of engagement and usage while colleagues could only access the system via a small number of in-store desktop computers. JDA WFM plus a bespoke REPL mobility solution has given them the solution they need.

Fully mobile

This technology retailer had a very specific set of user experience requirements – they only deliver solutions to their store colleagues via mobile as they employ a young demographic with high expectations around technology and the user experience. A rapid and agile response from REPL meant they could rollout their JDA solution in less than a year, and they have seen significant customer service and sales benefits.

On the clock

REPL’s bespoke clocking software has helped this retailer to deliver some JDA ESS functionality on the time and attendance clocks themselves. By deploying this across its warehouse and store network the retailer has been able to rollout into territories it could not otherwise have entered. So JDA’s core functionality coupled with a bespoke and innovative REPL solution has helped this Global Tier 1 retailer to enter a new market as well as streamline the clocking and ESS process itself.